About Us

Established in 2021, Harvard.Frost embodies all things relaxed luxe. The future is chill, and we aim to dress our vibey network in the best quality threads to empower each and every one of you.

It’s our belief that true confidence comes from within, and that each person holds power in their self love, therefore the pieces we provide are to be worn as simply an accessory to compliment the individual's existing perfection. Our collections are designed to combine comfort and style to the new era of luxe streetwear.

Our Founder & Director, Kendall Frost embraces the contrast of both fitted and oversized, and believes everyone should feel confident in either fit. Kendall’s vision to create stylish, simplistic everyday essentials comes from a passion for oversized vintage tees, Levi's jeans and jogger sets, and she aims to share her love for relaxed fits.

Through creating a brand that is a true reflection of her vision, Kendall was adamant that the brand be named after one half of her biggest supporting teams, and a name she wanted to ensure was passed down to live on through her creative baby.

With the help & guidance from a number of key people, through the most challenging times Kendall was able to bring her vision to life. And thus, Harvard.Frost was born.